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Empire presents: Big Screen!

What a long post this has the potential to be.. so I’m going to highlight the mini sessions I saw and do separate reviews for the movies. That seems like a good idea, go me.

Getting there Friday morning went better than to be expected, travelling down – setting out at 6:30am, did manage to take its toll on us though! We got there nice and early expecting big queues but day 1 was surprisingly organised.. outside at least. Once we were in there was a bit of a queue for the Indigo2 but was fairly smooth, bit of a late start but went pretty well. The morning sessions in fairness were all basically the same deal, BIG reels of trailers, the odd bit of extra unreleased footage. Day 1 Warner Bros, Paramount, 20th Century Fox and Universal. Saw a bit of Rise of the Planet of the Apes footage, including some of the mo-cap work with Andy Serkis which was nice. Couple of other films that didn’t massively interest me in honesty were Martha Marcy May Marlene and some of the new 3D Titanic footage. We did see a bit of In Time which looks like a flashy new quasi-remake of Logan’s Run, people get to 25 and stop aging, but they use “time” as currency which looked quite promising.. and Amanda Seyfried looked hot, and I’ve never really thought much of her! The Raven Edgar Allen Poe inspired serial killer thriller looked like it had potential. The Change-up was a “i wish i had your life” film where 2 friends swapped lives (been done a lot before) but it looked good, and conveniently was one of the films we saw but more on that later. Next came Contraband, Johnny English Reborn, Tower Heist, Battleship, The Thing (remake) and Immortals, seeming a bit of a mixed bag. Immortals being made by some of the same people as 300 had far too obvious nods in its styling, has the (gruesome) potential to be good but I wont be holding my hopes too high.

After this came the “Animal Stars of the Movies” which was surprisingly good, saw a few fan favourites such as Hedwig and Crookshanks from Harry Potter. There was also a nut cracking squirrel from Charlie and the Chocolate factory, which I (and lots of others as they rightly pointed out during the presentation) thought they were CGI but they were trained to crack the nuts and put them in a bowl! Fantastic! Then we saw a parrot drive a car and even get out and check under the bonnet after it broke down, amazed again!

This led on to the Star Wars Padawan School, where a group of stormtroopers greeted us on our way in and then directed us to our seats, then a jedi knight and his padawan gave some children in the audience some schooling.. followed by a visit from the Emperor and Darth Vader which they even got the crowd involved with a force push to get them gone! Another quick bit of fun.

(Sort of) Lastly on monday we saw the preview/premier of Terra Nova mr Spielbergs new brainchild, again featuring dinosaurs! This time (no pun intended) in the near future when the world is dying mankind send a probe through time to find a better spot for us to inhabit before we made it all go wrong. Separate time-stream later and every so often a group of people is sent through what is essentially a Stargate to the “terra nova” that they are going to inhabit and hopefully not make a mess of this time around. Has potential, a lot of what should’ve been quite important details at the start seemed to be skimmed over, maybe in a couple of episodes down the line it will be a bit firmer of plot and less of dodgy effects.

Actual lastly was Cowboys and Aliens but that can have a post of its own.

Saturday was more of the same, a big bunch of trailers with some bits of extra footage thrown in for good measure. Slightly higher billed cast there this time though. Guy Ritchie himself popped out to introduce the new Sherlock sizzle reel. It basically is even more Guy Ritchiefied than the first it seems, lots more explosions and madness flying around, and a good bit of cross dressing just in case you need that for your fix. Bits more of trailers that you can see online easily but then we got the best thing i’ve ever seen in 3D, the opening sequence from Final Destination 5, oh yes. The gore and killings were as to be as expected, completely over the top and extra grim, but in REAL 3D it was brilliant! Aardman was the next piece of note, Pirates! and Arthur Christmas looked fantastic, as good an evolution of the Aardman ideas from Wallace and Gromit as could be expected and with sneak footage and trailers of them both they look fantastic again. Then came an extra little surprise, Total Recall! As soon as I heard it mentioned I twinged, it had the potential to ruin one of my favourite childhood movies (as weird as that may be) but the way its all shot, the way it seems to come together just right and still hold that same feel.. it could be good.. it could actually be REALLY good. I can but hope!

Post lunch we had the Aardman.. which was running late and causing us a problem before it even started, it ended up being 20 minutes late starting which meant it was going to overlap with our next session. Worst thing being after that panic it was about 80% footage we had seen that morning, even presented by the same people. So we left halfway through to make the Industrial Light and Magic showing.. to get there and find that was also running 20 minutes late.. then to get in and be greeted by Anthony Daniels and 2 of the SFX guys from ILM.. to then find it was a reel of footage from the Star Wars blu-ray box set and Anthony asking more questions than the crowd had chance to. Oh well! Film followed but again thats separate to be done.

Our last and final day of big screen! First thing was again a trailer reel.. with the potential to be awesome. Only to find that my 3D glasses didn’t work! Epic fail as we had sneak footage from Puss in Boots which looked totally amazing (even flickering between green and red the whole time) and had me giggling away already. Followed by yet more 3D exclusive footage of Tintin.. which again did’t look right at all! Very unimpressed! After a quick dash our in the interlude for new glasses there was again some footage with promise. Disney footage! MUPPETS! YES! John Carter looked interesting but the lead looks quite weak and its a bit of a typical space fare, although I think it may be a remake if not just based on a book. Real Steel was another good looking piece. Essentially near future boxing isn’t violent or destructive enough so robots are used to fight, which can only be a good thing..oh and something about a father son story but who cares, THERE’S GIANT FIGHTING ROBOTS! Sunday was our movie premier day so those bits can come later too!

I know i’ve skimmed over some details but I’m semi watching a film. If it gets read at all I’d be willing to answer questions too. It’s been a bit of a skim over but most of the stuff that interested me has been covered 😀

Blog out.