Hello (again) world!

To anyone who comes along and doesn’t find what they were expecting. It’s my fault. Due to the inactivity in my previous blog I’ve started again. With slightly better grammar and punctuation, but that’s just because I’ve been forced to use it more. I will be recreating some of my old posts, maybe with a couple of slight twists but I’m still more than happy with the old content, just not the months between posts. (But that doesn’t mean you should be expecting perfect use of the English language, that will never happen.)

I still have my old blog now retired but still available as theoldpoint just don’t expect any updates to be appearing to it!

It makes me feel nostalgic to look back over my old musings and ramblings, but times are changing! Weekly updates will be the norm, and “possibly” less pictures of cats, I prefer dogs but let’s see how that goes eh?

I am Shaun, I am an avid (some would say compulsive) gamer. I enjoy movies, I enjoy music, and have some rather irregular tastes when it comes to both. This blog will be a bit more of a mixed bag of content and not 100% game related, but primarily will be.

If you can smell that it’s just the grey matter powering up for being used after so long.

And it begins…again…!



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