continuing forward

So my previous blog was about my ideas and gaming theories, so this will be something similar…sort of.

I have an Xbox360 and have recently acquired (no not from the London riots, was donated to me!) a Wii. Obviously having had my 360 longer it is more of a favourite. I’m not going to start “OMG I DONT WANT A PS3 THEY SUCK” because, well, they don’t I just can’t afford both. Heck I can’t even afford all the games I want on my 360. The Wii.. well it drives me up the wall, the motion controls and me don’t really seem to go hand in hand, and on our 2nd Wiimote the 2 button doesn’t work properly so even Mario Kart isn’t a proper option :[

So anyway back to my dearest 360. I have realised that with the collection of games at my disposal I didn’t need to buy new games, I debated renting from somewhere (LOVEFiLM or Blockbuster) and picking up what I really enjoyed. Luckily I came up with this idea just before Brink was released. Which I was really looking forward to but failed in sending out my preorder to arrive the day it was released (which was secretly a godsend in disguise) so I rented Brink for 3 nights, and practically 100%ed the game.. I found the lag playing on peer-to-peer terrible, but badgered on with it and had a few good games, and in fairness enjoyed it. Then realised it was finished. Every map. Every objective. In 3 days, bear in mind I had been at work during this period too (damn you retail). After that it changed me. Luckily I managed to send my copy back for a full refund but more on that later.

I started using sites like MetaCritic to get ratings *shudder* and read other peoples reviews and look at the general consensus. I started picking up preowned games and checking eBay and the like or checking sales and looking for older titles to fill my voids! I managed to pick up Darksiders for a massive… £6.99 including postage and how I managed to not buy this game when it was new I will never understand, sadly I don’t think I’ll be able to hold off the same for the sequel. I just picked up Dead Space 2 for a massive £14.99 new as well, which means it included the EA online pass, which would’ve set me back a pretty penny on it’s own if I’d bought the game second hand. Anyway, I’m working through my back catalogue of doom (yes it’s that excessive) and trying to do what I can. So far Dead Space 2 is as amazing as I remember the first being (which I fully intend to playthrough again once i finish the sequel). Nothing like a nice bit of space zombie horror done properly.

Other recent time killers, were Mass Effect 2 and all it’s DLC, when Arrival was released all the other older DLC (again I don’t know how I put off buying them all at the time, probably knowing there would be a sale at some point) was reduced. So another playthrough was in order to experience the wonders of Katsumi and her stealthy loyalty mission, to the tank racing experience of Operation Overlord to the gunfightfest that was Lair of the Shadowbroker, all to round off with Arrival and me practically levitating because I’d slid so far to the front of my seat in the tension of what had culminated in the ending of that short, but oh so vital story DLC. Then because of that I went back to the original Mass Effect knowing I was missing achievements.. oh dear.. another 30 hours and THREE achievements later I decided to part with hard earned money for Pinnacle Station, it was.. well.. a change of pace.. and it was enjoyable, if a bit short.

However I may just do proper reviews of things once I decide on my format, at least there will be more detailed posts on certain items/games.

Another thing I have been doing is completely distancing myself from World of Warcraft, after 6 years of on/off playing some hardcore and again lots of little breaks and server hops and things it was time to say enough is enough. Raid “stress” at my laptop struggling and chugging in boss fights (F*** you Al’Akir and all your unnecessary effects) meant that the content I wanted to do I couldn’t, then I realised I didn’t really want to that much anyway. So there was the end of an era. I enjoyed about 95% of my time played during those years, and that added up to a lot of hours (days) that were semi well spent. At least I wasn’t doing drugs or spending lots of money!

But the big blog killer is coming:

The Old Republic which is part of the reason I’m starting a new blog (let me get to the point, it’s not as stupid as it sounds). Me and a few of my facebook friends are in a secret group, sadly not as cool as it sounds, where we have been posting BioWare updates/Leaks/Rumours and trying to keep on top of everything. What with me being “in charge” of the group, ie setting it up and inviting a few people, it all felt rather fun. It’s spiralled a bit and now there’s verging on 40 members to the group, with posts coming every Friday from BioWare and then our speculations and excitement growing from this I decided I wanted a bit more. All sorts of polls on faction and classes and “trinity roles”. It was all rather inspiring. From sites like (in no particular other than where my mouse landed in my bookmarks bar to copy and paste) AskAJedi, DarthHater, AlterSWTOR, Yufmelt I have been gathering information and feeding it to people I know, so why not share and see what comes of it.

However this post is getting rather out of hand at the moment, coming in at over 1000 words, which for someone who doesn’t write is quite a bit!
So further posts will be a bit more constructive in terms of classifications and concise in content!

For the future!



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